Swiss Tent Houses

Swiss Tent House Accomodation

The perfect Glamping Experience near Delhi NCR at The Rurban Village!

Have you always thought of going for an adventurous camping experience but were too concerned of the lack of amenities during your stay? The Rurban Village takes care of your zeal for adventure and your luxurious needs!

It brings pleasure to us to inform you that at The Rurban Village, we offer the most exquisite and Glam(orous)-(C)amping experience of all time! The Rurban Village lets you experience nature like it should be in any ordinary camping stay but also pampers you with luxury of daily modern life needs. Not only that, Glamping near Delhi NCR at The Rurban Village is adjacent to a large span of optional adventure activities that you can choose as an optional add on to your package. Hence making The Rurban Village one of the best Glamping experiences near Delhi NCR, making your search for the best weekend getaways near Delhi NCR come to a standstill!

The RurBan Village offers air-conditioned swiss tents Near Delhi NCR alongside supreme washrooms, a luxury that is now accessible easily!

Swiss Tent Houses

Our tents are pitched using high quality canvas. The interiors are designed very traditional yet beautifully to give you an ethnic feel, to experience Rural living amist urban lifestyle, a Glamping experience near Delhi NCR you will cherish for a lifetime!

The swiss tents are based on three tiers; personal lawn, patio and finally the tent and made up of of high-quality canvas. Our Accomodation area is in itself an exquisite piece to marve at and enjoy a mesmerizing sun sunset.

Additionally, The Rurban Village offers Eco Mud Cottages that are made ground up to replicate an ethnic scene.

The luxuries available in a Swiss Tent and Eco mud cottages range from Led TV, Electronic locker, private patio, Tea/ Coffee maker, Modern bathroom, secured room key access, air conditioner and much more.

If you are looking to rest your legs after an all day excursion, the weekend getaway near Delhi NCR at The Rurban Village is one of the best places to be! The RurBan Village offers spacious, air-conditioned Swiss Tent near Delhi NCR and Eco Mud Cottages to make your stay luxurious and memorable.

The Swiss tent near Delhi at The Rurban Village are offered in two tiers – Luxury Tents and Royal Luxury Tents offering two different sets of amenities as below:

Amenities in Luxury Tents include:
  • 512 sqft of personal adobe with additional 160 sq. ft. of personal lawn
  • Name Board on Tent on arrival
  • Air Conditioner
  • LED TV
  • Ethnic Indian interior
  • Secured room key access
  • Electronic locker on demand
  • Double bed
  • Bottled mineral Water
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Buffet lunch and dinner
  • Private patio/veranda
  • Modern bathroom
In addition to the above, our Royal Luxury Tents offer the following amenities:
  • More spacious: 648 sqft of personal adobe with additional 180 sq. ft. of personal lawn as compared to Luxury Tents
  • King Size Bed
  • In room dining at extra cost
  • In-House laundry on demand at extra cost
  • Bar available on demand at extra cost


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We love our subscribers. Subscribe and get 10% off on 1st booking.