School Picnic Spots for School Tours and Trips Near Delhi NCR

School Outing at The Rurban Village

It’s time to step outside the four-walled classrooms and take your students out into the wild – monitored and supervised by special trainers at The Rurban Village. Children who actively engage in extra-curricular activities are meant to develop an all-round personality.

We have designed eclectic school trips near Delhi NCR comprising fun and educational activities for children.

School Outing
School Outing


Reasons to take children on school trips near Delhi NCR

  • Experiencing a Cultural Heritageand Rural Activities : 

The RurBan Village’s School tours near Delhi NCR are in opportunity for children to connect to experience the long forgotten cultures and age-old practices. Children caught in the cobwebs of quizzes, homework and exams get to experience the fruits of taking part in enjoyable activities and having first hand experience at Rural Activities and Sports through the School tours near Delhi NCR. This prompts them to learn something new and different rather than just bookish knowledge. Once children explore go out to school picnic spots near Delhi NCR, they will get the opportunity to take engage in sport such as archery, shooting, dart, lattu and many more and get a chance to explore their hidden interests and hobbies.

  • The RurBan Village – Save Nature Initiative

At the RurBan Village we have taken a pledge to do our bit to save nature and in order to spread the word, we educate children about:

  1. Trees and plants at The RurBan Village
  2. Importance of renewable energy such as solar power
  3. Inculcate a feeling to conserve the environment

Along with all this, we have following interactive activities to take children closer to nature and fall in love with it once again:

  1. Rabbit Feeding
  2. Bird Feeding
  3. Duck Feeding
  • Learning to be cordial with others 

One of the main advantages of exploiting school trips near Delhi NCR is an opportunity to impart cordiality among the school children. At The Rurban Village during each school day outing, children are clubbed together in groups of around 30 and supervised by our experienced and loving trainer. Each group then goes through a series of group activities and games such as – Australian Trolley, Pipe and Marble, Water or Bucket and many more. These games promote mental thinking and foster the spirit of working together. Alongside all of this children have access to more that 40+ activities and games. Our experience in executing productive School tours near Delhi NCR helps us to plan just the perfect outing for Children.

  • Boosting Creativity

Creativity is an imperative ingredient to excel at every facet of life. Children need to realize the importance of being creative since early age. The school tours near Delhi NCR by RurBan are designed to boost creativity among school children. While class room lectures and study is important, real life learning to socialize, interact, making new friends and exposure to new areas in today technologically advance world, promotes creativity in children. Additionally, special events such as drawing competition, talent hunt, etc can also be organized on request.

  • Breaking the Routine

A school day outing is important to break the routine and step out of the daily monotony to enjoy and experience something new. We explore the new School picnic spots near Delhi NCR on a regular basis and then upgrade them with our expertise. This serves an exciting escape and learning experience for the children.

  • Creating social bonds

The children mingle with the students of other classes and sections and learn more about their culture. grouping, interacting and playing games with children from other sections, classes and group promotes social interaction and builds a habit of initiating the talk and entering into a conversation with new people thereby resulting in creating social bonds. By taking the children on school tours near Delhi NCR, you make them habitual of socializing.

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