Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker

A complete countryside experience for your family

In the expanding world of modern technologies, doesn't it feel like we have lost touch to our soul? We at The RurBan Village, want you to connect back to your roots! With a myriad of rural-life based activities, this summer at The RurBan Village can be a great bonding experience with your family!

Evening Outing

The RurBan Village for a wholesome evening with friends and family

We understand your need to be closer to nature while also unwinding after a busy working day. Bring out the best of yourself at The RurBan Village where you can indulge in interesting activities. From Pottery to AirGuns, this is surely something that you will reminisce later!

Luxury Camping

Get your adventure socks on because we bring you the most fun camping experience ever, at The RurBan Village.

A day at this super-fun camp is all you need for a leisure getaway with your family! The modern perils of technology have left us wanting more Earthly experiences. With all included camps, your family can get a dose of adventure and tranquillity at one place!

Wellness Camp

Your much needed break from regular life welcomes you at The RurBan Village

Haven't our busy schedules made us so robotic? Tap into your soul with our relaxing and rejuvenating wellness activities. One day at The RurBan Village can ease off your mind, body and spirit. We have designed a special package to get you to feeling renewed and fresh!

Family Get Together

Unravel togetherness at The RurBan Village, where families get closer, and bonds get stronger!

Someone great once said, if you want to deepen your bonds with anyone, get them to work on a project with you. So we have curated a bunch of activities that are sure to get your big fat family rolling and laughing! It's about time we get closer to close-ones!


Bring out the best of your memories, at our all-inclusive film-making camp at The RurBan Village.

What is a better way of capturing memories than making an awesome video? Make the most of your stay here by recording all the fun you and your family have at The RurBan Village. Our location has some great views, with greater activities. The responsibility of making your fun last a lifetime is ours!