The Name significance

‘RurBan’ is the amalgam of ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’ reminding us that no matter how urbanized we may become, we sprout from roots deep seated in the core of Rural India.
The Rurban Village

The Concept

Sometimes while sitting at our office desk, the memory of the visit to the grandparents’ ancestral house strikes us, leaving us with an aching heart and a smile on the face. We end up reminiscing the memories of sugarcane fields, open playgrounds, a cool dip in the tube well, while we long for one more visit to bond with nature.

Keeping with this persistent desire to connect with rural India, we developed the concept of ‘The RurBan Village’ which will not only make you feel closer to the nature but also leave you revitalized and rejuvenated. At The RurBan Village, we have attempted to recreate the simplistic life of Indian Villages by involving the local community and artisans to ensure an authentic rural experience for you. If you wish to experience such simplicity of rural India, its culture and traditions, then embark on the journey with us at The RurBan Village which will help you catch a glimpse of the rural rustic life.

Ecosystem Sustainability at The RurBan Village

While reminiscing the past is important, sustaining the present for future has equal significance. The Rurban Village has been conceptualized keeping the objective of Ecosystem Sustainability in mind. We believe that we do not inherit Mother Earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our children. Thus, every effort is made to make The RurBan Village an independent and a self-sustainable unit with minimum outside influence or assistance.

The RurBan Village takes pride in protecting and improving the natural environment and having compassion for living creatures. We use solar energy to generate electricity and biogas for cooking, breed animals and birds in a safe and a natural environment, use drip irrigation, promote reforestation (We have already planted over 70,000 trees) and much more. We enthusiastically promote and share these techniques with our visitors.

We therefore, fold our hands in a warm Namastey (bow to the divine in you), and welcome you to experience the rural entertainment, sports and cultural activities and also learn modern techniques of agriculture, forestation, bio-compost, in turn helping us promote and maintain the spirit of Rural India.

Heartfelt Namaste!
Team – The RurBan Village

The Rurban Village
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