New Year Celebrations at The RurBan Village


Welcome this #NewYear at The Rurban Village – where Indian rural culture meets urban lifestyle.

Sink into the peaceful calling of #nature or buckle up for some fun filled activities as the New Year dawns upon us.

New Year’s celebrations at The RurBan Village:

Starting at Rs. 1100/- per person.

Facilities include:

Breakfast, lunch and high tea

Access to village and activities such as rope course and adventure zone.


Starting at Rs. 10,000/- per couple.

Choose from any of our #EcoMudCottages or #Swisstents and get complimentary access to village activities for the day and gala facilities in the #accommodation area at night.

Facilities include:

Breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner

Welcome drink on arrival (Non-alcoholic)

Gala Dinner on 31st night

Unlimited alcohol from 9PM – 12AM  (#IMFL, Blender’s Pride/100 Pipers, Bacardi, Absolute Vodka, #Beer , Soft Drinks, Juices and  Mocktails)

#DJ night and much more.

To prebook your package or for further details call us at: 98117622008 .

Christmas Celebrations at The RurBan Village


The Rurban Village invites you to enjoy this #Christmas with an Indian twist. Relax and enjoy the scenic view from your #Tent or #Cottage or dive into some adventure Activities, your choice!

Additional recreational facilities for Tents and Cottages*:

#Live singing performance to go along with a warm flickering #bonfire to keep the spirit of Christmas ignited as the night grows old and the reindeers light up the sky.

For the day enthusiasts*:

Village & Urban activities.

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Morning Tea with cookies.

Evening tea with assorted Pakoras & Cookies.

Contact us for further details and booking a day or overnight package for the Holidays**: 9811762208

* Activities and facilities provided are subject to change without prior notice and are sole discretion of The RurBan Village.

** Please contact us to confirm availability prior to booking your package.

Water conservation is our priority


At The Rurban Village we believe in conservation and preservation of resources and energy. We have made an effort to make The Rurban Village a site where Eco Sustainability is priority. If we use water wisely at all times, more water will be available to us and to plants and wildlife and future generations in the years to come.

Following are a a few steps that The Rurban Vilage has taken to conserve and preserve water:

  • Drip Irrigation facilities

Drip irrigation is a technique in which water flows through a filter into special drip pipes, with emitters located at different spacing. Water is distributed through the emitters directly into the soil near the roots through a special slow-release device. Thereby utilizing water efficiently and promoting conservation and preser

  • Rain Water Harvesting

Our special ditches and water pumps are places in such a way to collect and utilize the rain water in and efficient manner.

  • Water Mutkas for reuse

Water purification is a task. We therefore use mutkas and the process of sedimentation to purify water to be utilized for purposes such as watering plants where our drip irrigation can not reach and certain other purpose. Thereby avoiding use of potable water by reusing water.

Corporate Team Outing at the RurBan Village


If you want to get more from your business, then it is very important to bring your employees together. Better teamwork and collaboration equals to better results. Therefore, time-to-time fun activities and outings are important. If you are also planning to take your employees out for a fun trip, then The RurBan Village is the perfect spot for you. Here you and your employees can participate in fun filled and team building activities. In fact, The Rurban Village is one of the best places for corporate team outing.

Benefits of Corporate Team Outing

If you want to get the maximum out of your team, it is necessary to inculcate a team spirit, harmony and zeal to work together while keeping your employees happy. For this very purpose, taking your team for a corporate team outing is one of the best methods to achieve employee satisfaction while promoting team spirit and achieving organizational goals.

What benefits does your company and team have from a Corporate Team Outing?

  • Better communication: One can take part in many interactive activities during a corporate team outing at The RurBan Village. With the help of such activities, you can easily enable open communication among the team members. This is how you can make office relationships better and break the ice between the employee chains promoting hesitation free communication between the employees.


  • Motivation: Better communication promotes friendly environment at work place and promoting employees to feel free in sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with others at the work place, in addition to a feeling of being more confident and associated with the company. When your employees are confident, they will face new challenges in a motivated manner. And therefore a corporate team outing for your employees or team is a perfect way to motivate them.


  • Better level of trust: Such corporate team outings and corporate activities are helpful in increasing the trust factor between the employees at every level. Because of the communication gap, companies can often lose their best employees. By taking your employees for the corporate team outing, you will get a chance to understand your employees and their problems better.


  • Relaxation and Creative Recharging: Corporate team outings let the brain relax and promote creativity, collaboration and overall productivity. While a specified work place and working environment may be necessary as per the principles of management, the same results in monotony for the employees and therefore corporate team outings are important.


In addition to these exciting benefits of corporate team outing at The RurBan Village there are other facilities also on offer such as facilities for corporate meetings, presentations and work spaces where you and your employees can work and enjoy a corporate team outing while meeting organizational goals and having an experience of Eco Tourism that you would cherish for a lifetime.

To book a Corporate Team Outing and further inquires for the same Contact us at

Phone :- 011-41324180
Reservation :-+91 99710 13913, –+91 98117 62208

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