luxury camping


luxury camping

Luxury Camping at The Rurban Village


We bring you the most fun Luxury Camping experience ever.

Are you looking for some kind of camping adventure experience in a pocket-friendly budget? This is what several people in the city are looking for!
An adventurous break from the noisy streets and culture of Delhi lets one rejuvenate and relax. Camping provides one with a chance to experience rugged life with friends and family. The Rurban Village provides exactly that. Located in a picturesque location surrounded by natural beauty, The Rurban Village is a perfect place to camp with family or friends. Release your stress at this wonderful luxury camp at The Rurban Village where you can enjoy nature as it is meant to be enjoyed. Let yourself be absorbed in the scenic beauty which is a bliss here as the weather remains pleasant and cool. With a gamut of several recreational activities that take care of interests of all ages, enjoy the luxury camping package at the resort.

The luxury camping at The Rurban Village provides packages for luxury tent, Royal Eco Mud Cottage and Eco Mud cottage which also includes golf course swimming pool where one can get a dose of tranquility and adventure all in one. The location is one of the perfect destinations to escape from pollution and noise in Delhi to rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind. The getaway is best enjoyed with family, friends or even on a corporate outing.

The Rurban Village lets you enjoy a night  in the outdoors, in a forest like setting without giving up your favorite luxuries. The retreat’s eco-friendly cottages provide comfortable accommodation equipped with modern day amenities making it prominent Resorts near the Delhi NCR.

The best part of The Rurban Village is that you can indulge in some exciting activities while you are at the resort. The package of luxury camping at the resort also offers a small list of complimentary recreation activities which includes rural adventure activities such as bird feeding, rabbit feeding, and zig-zag walk and many more. If you are accompanied with your kids for camping, then no worries, the resort also offers the option for kids rope adventures such as monkey crawling, Tarzan bridge and the pendulum swing for children up to 11 years of age. Along with the recreation activities, the package includes exquisite authentic village breakfast that includes paratha with curd, poha, tea, and seasonal fruits. You can enjoy evening tea along with Ala-carte from the kitchen of the resort. Buffet Lunch and dinner are also included in the packages with a wide variety of cuisines on offer just to entice your test bud and make you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

For another enthralling experience, you can pay a visit to The Rurban Village as you would not want to miss such a time with nature and friends. You can also visit the website of the resort to get information about the timings and packages offered.


Night Camp

New Year Celebrations at The RurBan Village


Welcome this #NewYear at The Rurban Village – where Indian rural culture meets urban lifestyle.

Sink into the peaceful calling of #nature or buckle up for some fun filled activities as the New Year dawns upon us.

New Year’s celebrations at The RurBan Village:

Starting at Rs. 1250/- per person.

Facilities include:

Breakfast, lunch and high tea

Access to village and activities such as rope course and adventure zone.


Starting at Rs. 10,000/- per couple.

Choose from any of our #EcoMudCottages or #Swisstents and get complimentary access to village activities for the day and gala facilities in the #accommodation area at night.

Facilities include:

Breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner

Welcome drink on arrival (Non-alcoholic)

Gala Dinner on 31st night

Unlimited alcohol from 9PM – 12AM  (#IMFL, Blender’s Pride/100 Pipers, Bacardi, Absolute Vodka, #Beer , Soft Drinks, Juices and  Mocktails)

#DJ night and much more.

To prebook your package or for further details call us at: 98117622008 .

Christmas Celebrations at The RurBan Village


The Rurban Village invites you to enjoy this #Christmas with an Indian twist. Relax and enjoy the scenic view from your #Tent or #Cottage or dive into some adventure Activities, your choice!

Additional recreational facilities for Tents and Cottages*:

#Live singing performance to go along with a warm flickering #bonfire to keep the spirit of Christmas ignited as the night grows old and the reindeers light up the sky.

For the day enthusiasts*:

Village & Urban activities.

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Morning Tea with cookies.

Evening tea with assorted Pakoras & Cookies.

Contact us for further details and booking a day or overnight package for the Holidays**: 9811762208

* Activities and facilities provided are subject to change without prior notice and are sole discretion of The RurBan Village.

** Please contact us to confirm availability prior to booking your package.

Water conservation is our priority


At The Rurban Village we believe in conservation and preservation of resources and energy. We have made an effort to make The Rurban Village a site where Eco Sustainability is priority. If we use water wisely at all times, more water will be available to us and to plants and wildlife and future generations in the years to come.

Following are a a few steps that The Rurban Vilage has taken to conserve and preserve water:

  • Drip Irrigation facilities

Drip irrigation is a technique in which water flows through a filter into special drip pipes, with emitters located at different spacing. Water is distributed through the emitters directly into the soil near the roots through a special slow-release device. Thereby utilizing water efficiently and promoting conservation and preser

  • Rain Water Harvesting

Our special ditches and water pumps are places in such a way to collect and utilize the rain water in and efficient manner.

  • Water Mutkas for reuse

Water purification is a task. We therefore use mutkas and the process of sedimentation to purify water to be utilized for purposes such as watering plants where our drip irrigation can not reach and certain other purpose. Thereby avoiding use of potable water by reusing water.

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