A perfect Rural and Heritage experience awaits

‘RurBan’  is the amalgam of words ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’ reminding us that no matter how urbanized we may become, we sprout from roots deep seated in the core of Rural India.

“The RurBan Village” aims at introducing rural lifestyle to the urbanized world. It intends to make the public aware of the rural means of entertainment, adventure sports, eco tour packages, cultural rural tour activities, in turn promoting Indian Rural Tourism & Eco Tourism and is one of the best places to visit near Delhi. It also aims at educating the public about reforestation and environmental conservation techniques and works with a vision of developing and providing employment to villagers by way of promoting tradition, art, culture and lifestyle of rural India.

Our Services

Activity & Training

Indulge yourself in some long forgotten village sports and activities. We also bring you upbeat with some adventure sports – not for the faint hearted!

Rasoi - 'Angeethi ki aanch se'

Just like the fresh fragrance of soil after a downpour, food from our kitchen prepared with love and hand-picked ingredients is sure to leave you refreshed for a fun filled expedition at The RurBan Village.


We know you don’t want to leave. We have therefore put our hearts into creating a naturally scenic and luxury overnight stay and camping experience. Our ethnic Swiss Tents and Eco Mud Cottages are sure to keep you warm and cosy surrounded by the arms of mother nature!


The RurBan Village- Adventurous Eco tour Packages near Delhi

Good news for all feeling bored from the monotonous lifestyle in the city.  The Rurban Village brings to you Eco tour Packages near Delhi NCR. Where you can indulge yourselves in lots of adventurous activities and long forgotten village sports.

An initiative to promote Rural Tourism, The Rurban Village has it all in place to keep you at comfort surrounded in arms of Mother Nature. The Rurban Village’s rural tour provides you with an opportunity to enjoy and make some memorable moments at the best picnic spots in Delhi NCR.  The one day package includes a breakfast, lunch, rural and urban sports and activities. Additionally, there is an option to stay overnight in Cottages or Swiss Tents near Delhi NCR.

This is just an attempt by The Rurban Village towards promoting eco tourism near Delhi NCR. You will have the option to select places to visit near Delhi NCR as a part of The Rurban Village Rural tour.

Day Package

A day excursion at leisure:

-Rural & Urban Sports
-Rural Activities
-Rope Course, and much more…

Rs 1400/person


Urban Adventure Activities

Urban Adventure Activities can be availed on site in addition to Day Package:

-Wall Climbing/Tyre Climbing
-Body Zorbing

From Rs 300/person


Tents & Cottages

Experience the joy and peace of sleeping and waking up next to mother nature.

-Swiss Tents
-Eco Mud Cottages

From Rs 6800/couple