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Places to Visit near Delhi- Adventurous Eco Tour Packages

Where Indian Rural Culture meets the Urban Life Style

‘RurBan’ is the amalgam of words ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’ reminding us that no matter how urbanized we may become, we sprout from roots deep-seated in the core of Rural India.

“The RurBan Village” is an initiative to introduce rural lifestyle to the urbanized world. It intends to make the public aware of the rural means of entertainment, adventure sports, ecotour packages, cultural rural tour activities, in turn promoting Indian Rural Tourism, Eco-Tourism & Picnic Spots in Delhi NCR by providing experiential travel packages and is one of the best places to visit near Delhi. It also aims at educating the public about reforestation and environmental conservation techniques and works with a vision of developing and providing employment to villagers by way of promoting tradition, art, culture and lifestyle of rural India.
The RurBan Village is an initiative to enable people – participate in rural sports activities, adventure activities day picnic in Delhi NCR which are offered as a day package. As such, you can opt for a rural tour near Delhi NCR. Our day packages offer the best weekend getaways near Delhi NCR that includes a chance to witness and interact with the villagers and learn their everyday rituals, customs and traditions alongside experiencing some thrilling adventure activities and sports. With us, you will be treated to a variety of rural activities and enjoy sources of entertainment which you wouldn’t find in daily city life or other picnic spots near Delhi NCR.

The Perfect Glamping experience near Delhi NCR

The Rurban Village also offers the most exquisite and Glam(porous)-(C)camping experience of all time in the form of Luxurious Swiss Tents and Eco Mud Cottages! The Glamping experience offered alongside the experiential day outing and adventure sports and activities lets you experience nature like it should be in any ordinary camping stay but also pampers you with the luxury of daily modern life needs. That surely makes The Rurban Village your the best bet for a Glamping experience near Delhi NCR!


Places to Visit near Delhi- Adventurous Eco Tour Packages

Good news for all feels bored from the monotonous lifestyle in the city. The Rurban Village brings to you Eco tour Packages and day picnic near Delhi NCR – one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi NCR. Where you can indulge yourselves in lots of adventurous activities and long forgotten village sports.
An initiative to promote Rural Tourism, The Rurban Village has it all in place to keep you in comfort surrounded in arms of Mother Nature. The Rurban Village’s weekend getaway packages near Delhi NCR provides you with an opportunity to enjoy and make some memorable moments at the best picnic spots in Delhi NCR. The one day package includes a breakfast, lunch, rural and urban sports and activities. Additionally, there is an option to stay overnight in Cottages or Swiss Tents – That offers the perfect and one of the best Glamping (Glamours Camping) experiences for the picnic spots near Delhi NCR.
If you’re looking for a Weekend Getaway near Delhi, then we at The RurBan Village have just the thing for you. We, have access to all the major getaways that are popular, frequented and offer wonderful opportunities for you to relax, unwind and get in closer to nature. The Rurban Village strives towards providing you with the opportunity to explore and realize all the positive aspects of life in Rural Areas with access to modern amenities making The Rurban Village one of the best Glamping experiences. We ensure that all travellers and tourists feel encouraged, involved and interested in being part of our picnic spots in Delhi NCR at The RurBan Village.
This is just an attempt by The Rurban Village towards promoting eco-tourism by offering one of the best picnic spots in Delhi NCR and weekend getaways near Delhi. You will still have the option to select places to visit near Delhi NCR at your own too!

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A day excursion at leisure, that includes Buffet Breakfast and Lunch, Rural & Urban Sports, Rural Activities, Rope Course, and much more…
Starting @ Rs. 1250/- PP


Experience the joy and peace of sleeping and waking up next to mother nature - Swiss Tents and Mud Cottages.
Starting @ Rs. 3,400/- PP per night.


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We love our subscribers. Subscribe and get 10% off on 1st booking.